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Challenge #106 - Header Challenge

Challenge #106
"Header Challenge."
Challenge Ends Sunday, February 05th, 2017 06:00 pm CET (Countdown Clock)

Rules for Entering Headers:
- Please read the rules for all challenges because they won't always be the same
- Each header must be 740x400 pixels
- Jpeg and png formats only
- Headers must have the word "narniaseven" readable on it
- Textures etc. are allowed to use
- You may enter up to 5 headers
- Search your own screencaps (Example: homeofthenutty or disneyscreencaps)
- Do not post the headers anywhere else before the challenge is over
- Do not delete your headerss from your folder before the challenge is over
- Enter your headers only as new comment to this thread (comments are screened)
- Please use this form to enter:

[Please delete everything that you don't need.]
Tags: 106, challenge for narniaseven, new challenge
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